The CheeseBergens are proud to announce the release of their second full length album. The album came out on April 20, 2020. It is available on the CheeseBergens' Bandcamp, Soundcloud and  ReverbNation as well as most streaming sites. It features 12 songs including classic hits like "Grammatically Yours", "Zach is a Poser" and "Tommy Eats Glue". It is a follow up to their first album, "Do it With Cheese" which came out in January 2018. 


There are many indie radion stations supportive of the CheeseBergens including Castle Blakk, Whatever Radio, The Edge on Air, Lonely Oak and Punk Rock Demonstration to name a few. Tune in to hear The CheeseBergens in regular rotation, and if you don't hear up and request us!

  • May 30, 2016:The CheeseBergens were first featured on Phil Taylor's Music Monday blog.

  • July 30, 2016: The CheeseBergens were featured in Geeks of Doom magazine 

  • January 2017: The CheeseBergens were featured on Metal Meat in January and Ladies in Rock in April.

  • March 2019: The CheeseBergens were featured on the Look Into Music blog.

  • Jan. 2020: The CheeseBergens got a writeup in Voyage LA.

  • April 2020: The CheeseBergens second album received a write up on Pete's News and Views.

  • The CheeseBergens have also been on compilations released by Metal Babe Mayhem, Dewar's PR and Whatever Radio. They have been plugged on social media pages like Punk Rock Parents, Dangerously Honest Rock, Rock All Music and more.


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